About Harping Midi

Harping Midi is an  interactive MIDI file player for the aspiring musician. Originally thought as a tool for learning and practicing harmonica, it slowly became natural that some other functions could be added like interactive piano keyboard, karaoke text display and some basic editing functions like transposing, track naming, instrument change, note editing, etc. becoming a more general tool but still keeping a powerful set of harmonica players related functions.

For the amateur musician it is the perfect aid for learning to play without the need of knowing how to read standard music notation, you just look at the bars and read the notes displayed over them in a very staff like manner, slow down at will, select a section and loop play, watch a piano as the keys are being pressed, etc.

For the harmonica player the note name can be replaced by the tablature of the selected harmonica type (diatonic or chromatic), key and tuning (several tunings are included and you can even load your own custom tunings), see the normal inhale and blow notes, the bends and also the overblows, watch the harmonica layout. You can also print the displayed tab for offline practice, you can create a text track with the tab and watch it in real time in the lyrics windows, and then save it as a text file if you want, and much more.

This software program is being enhanced continuously, please feel free to send your suggestions and comments.